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The Oregon State University (OSU) Extension Service Outdoor School program, in Partnership with Oregon State Parks, is pleased to announce our Get Out There Together program. Students who participate in outdoor school using Measure 99 funds can receive three Oregon State Parks passes for use with their family. 

If you are the parent of a 5th or 6th grade student who completed outdoor school - OR a 5th or 6th grade student who completed outdoor school - we encourage you to visit to self-enroll in the program. Upon completing registration (which will only include parent's name, child's name, address, and email), families will be mailed three Oregon State Parks vehicle passes along with educational guides, locations, and suggested activities for the whole family. Please note: All registration information is private and will not be shared or used for marketing or any other purposes. 

There's another benefit! Those students and their families who use their passes to visit three State Parks are eligible for a free annual Oregon State Parks pass. Families simply need to go to the link provided in their three-pass package, share which parks they visited together, and request their annual pass. Oregon State Parks and the OSU Extension Service Outdoor School program are committed to helping families continue to engage in the outdoors and extend the amazing opportunities that outdoor school provides, so the logical next step to a student’s transformative outdoor school experience is to Get Out There Together as a family. You can download the program welcome letter here: English / Spanish.

Thank you for all of your support to help make this happen for the youth and families of our state.


Please don't hesitate to contact us at or 541-737-4391 if you have any questions about the Outdoor School Program!