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Outdoor School Principles and Instructional Resource Self-Evaluation Tool

To ensure that each fifth- or sixth-grade student that attends outdoor school has a quality learning experience, the OSU Extension Service Outdoor School program developed the following 5 Principles for Outdoor School:

  1. Safe and Inclusive Environment Provided for all Participants
  2. Built on High Quality Curriculum 
  3. Engaging Teaching Methodology Used Throughout
  4. Experience Has a Purposeful and Sequential Flow
  5. Connects to the Classroom and Community of Students

These principles were identified by stakeholders throughout the state as crucial components to a high-quality outdoor school experience. And, while high-quality curriculum is just one of the Principles of Outdoor School, it is the foundation upon which the remaining principles are built. Because of this, the Instructional Resource Self-Evaluation Tool was created as a resource for outdoor school providers and school districts to self-evaluate the curriculum they use at their outdoor schools.

To download an editable spreadsheet version of the IRSET, please click here.


Please don't hesitate to contact us at or 541-737-4391 if you have any questions about the Outdoor School Program!