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Outdoor School Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI)

  • Highlights of our ongoing internal and external EDI efforts and initiatives.
  • EDI resources to help educators and ODS program providers support student success before, during, and after an outdoor school experience.
  • Best practices and professional development
Check out February’s Monday Update to learn more about the importance and relevance of land acknowledgements.

Interim Vice Provost Anita Azarenko asked Dr. Spirit Brooks, Dr. David Lewis, Jane Waite and Luhui Whitebear to join her this month to increase our understanding of respectful ways to acknowledge the contributions Native Americans continue to have on our communities and the natural world around us. Land acknowledgements are one way to honor the indigenous peoples that have for millennia stewarded the land we occupy. Acknowledgements also are an invitation to learn more about Native American culture and a first step to create and strengthen connections with tribal nations and members.