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The 2020-2022 Outdoor School Biennial Report is Available

 As we approach the 2023 Legislative Session, it’s important for everyone to know what the OSU Outdoor School program has accomplished in the past two years. You can view/download the report here or if you’d like a print copy, please request one by sending an email to .  We’d be happy to send you a copy. 

And if you’re interested in advocating for outdoor school with your local elected officials, please review the Friends of Outdoor School Advocacy Kit ( to better understand how you can help us obtain full funding to support Oregon’s 5th and 6th grade students at outdoor school.

Our Mission

Together we guide and support equitable, culturally responsive, and interdisciplinary outdoor school programs for Oregon's youth.

Our Vision

Outdoor School will create equitable and positive outcomes for every Oregonian through empowering learning experiences.

Our Values

Equity, diversity, and inclusion. Relationships, Innovation, Integrity, and Quality.  These core values are central to how we perform our work.

Outdoor Stories Project

Storytelling is uniquely human. It helps us to make sense of our experiences, pass on knowledge, express big ideas, and connect to others and to our environment in meaningful ways.

That’s why Friends of Outdoor School is collecting stories—personal and powerful memories from people of all backgrounds and ages.

The Outdoor Stories Project shares the important ways that Outdoor School and other outdoor education experiences positively affect individuals and their communities.

These storytellers may have realized something new within themselves. Discovered a career path. Experienced wonder. Found a community where they truly belonged. Learned something mind-expanding. Realized they could learn, by learning in a different way than possible in their classroom.

Whether it’s about personal transformation, the chance to lead others, receiving safe refuge or a kind voice when needed most, learning about our unique Oregon heritage with their own two (muddy!) hands, or the timeless tradition of singing songs while bonding around the campfire, many Oregonians have important stories to tell about the outdoor educational experiences that changed their lives in positive and often substantial ways.

But don’t take our word for it. Spend some time here! Learn their stories. Hear their voices. Be changed, too!

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