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Self-Evaluation Tools

Our self-evaluation tools are designed to support outdoor school programs/teams in moving through the program evaluation cycle (see inset) of 1) evaluating current policies, practices, and resources, 2) reflecting, learning, and planning for change, and 3) implementing changes that make outdoor school more equitable, accessible, and culturally responsive. 

We have developed a suite of three self-evaluation tools:

  • Instructional Resource Self-Evaluation Tool (IRSET) 
  • Cultural Responsiveness Self-Evaluation Tool (CRSET)
  • Special Education and Accessibility Self-Evaluation Tool (SEASET)

The OSU Extension Service Outdoor School program does not require you to share your results, and we do not use these self-evaluation tools to make decisions about funding. We are able to offer professional development in areas of identified need. Please contact us at to request support.

Diagram of the three-step evaluation cycle, with each step linked by an arrow. . Step 1: Consider, monitor, and evaluation, Step 2: Reflect, connect, learn, and plan, Step 3: Apply, improve, and instruct. The word "Equity" is in the center of the diagram.

Instructional Resource Self-Evaluation Tool (IRSET)


The IRSET supports the review of instructional resources with explicit learning objectives (e.g., field studies) and without explicit learning objectives (e.g., songs, stories, mealtimes). It has three themes:

  • Contexts and Settings for Learning
  • Content and Integration
  • Instruction and Pedagogy

Cultural Responsiveness Self-Evaluation Tool (CRSET)


The CRSET supports outdoor school programs in becoming more culturally responsive. It has three themes:

  • Equity
  • Diversity
  • Inclusion

Special Education and Accessibility Self-Evaluation Tool (SEASET)


The SEASET supports reflection on policies and practices that affect how accessible outdoor school programs are for students with disabilities. It has three themes:

  • Collaboration and Compliance
  • Facility and Program
  • Teaching and Learning

We have developed several additional resources to accompany the SEASET:

  • Special Education and Outdoor School Guidance -  memo providing support and guidance to IEP and Section 504 teams in their decision-making process.
  • An Introduction to K-12 Special Education and Outdoor School - video overview (11 minutes) of K-12 Special Education and how it relates to outdoor school.
  • Measure 99 Funding for Students with Exceptional Needs - video (8 minutes) describing how to apply for and use Measure 99 funding to support students with disabilities.

Self-Evaluation Tools Glossary


We have created an Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Glossary that defines key terms found in the Self-Evaluation Tools. Throughout the Tools, words in the Glossary are marked with an asterisk (*).

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