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Equity, Diversity, Accessibility, and Inclusion (EDAI) Resource Library

A Living Collection of EDAI Resources

Learning centered on equity, diversity, inclusion, justice, and accessibility (EDIJA) is an ongoing process because of the cyclical nature of learning and unlearning as we encounter new perspectives, concepts, and challenges to our own perspectives. This list of resources should help you on your journey towards creating equitable and inclusive outdoor school programming.

Please note that the resources provided here are a reflection of the identities and associated privileges of those curating these resources -- this list is by no means complete. This is a living collection and as we learn more about different identities and the barriers they face and opportunities they have access to, the better we are able to critically question and analyze how we invite others to engage in our programming. If there’s a need for a particular resource or another type of support, please feel free to contact us with your questions and requests.

Interested in Professional Development?

Please reach out to Charissa V. Jones, the Outreach and Inclusion Coordinator, if you're interested in a consultation regarding
how to fulfill your outdoor school program's equity, diversity, and inclusion efforts to support the success of all Oregon students.

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