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Classroom Resources

Classroom Programming

Immersive outdoor school experiences at camps or other facilities promote student learning in dynamic environments and provide rich social and emotional growth opportunities. 

Modified Programming includes versions of outdoor school that are different than during a typical year and can be used for:

  • in-person programming (at an outdoor school site or in a schoolyard or nearby park)
  • distance learning (virtual learning on the computer or via materials sent directly to students' homes)

This webpage is designed to provide information that can support you in designing classroom programming. We remain committed to the outdoor school for all, and it is our hope that this information may inspire ideas for reaching Oregon's 5th and 6th-grade students in new ways.

Other Educational Activities

Outdoor school immerses 5th and 6th grade students in Oregon’s natural landscapes. This transformative experience cannot be replicated at home or school, but students can still meet some goals of outdoor school when standard immersive outdoor school experiences are not possible. In this section, parents, guardians, and teachers can find links to activities that engage students with nature through observations, journaling, and online activities.

In Spring 2020, we posted sets of Nature Observations, Nature Journaling, and Online Resources focused on a different theme each week. To view the resources organized into their weekly sets, please click the Weekly Resource Sets button below. To view the same activities grouped by activity type (online resources, etc.), please follow the links in the buttons above.

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